15 Marketing Tips That Have Worked For Me

15 Marketing Tips That Have Worked For Me


Yes, I’m behind on this one, but better late than never, right?  So here is the fun part: the MARKETING in your new location.  These are just some suggestions. I’ve tried a few different options but these have worked for me and I wanted to share them.  Feel free to add any if you’d like!


  1. Coordinate with other vendors:  It’s as simple as that. Contact florists, bakers, DJs etc. Everyone loves to have professional photos of their “goods”. So try contacting a baker and let them know you’d love to shoot a wedding cake. They can use the photo as long as you are given credit. Great exposure!


  1. Coffee with wedding coordinators:  I can’t take credit for this idea. This was suggested at WPPI (and I cannot remember who suggested it, but it’s brilliant).  Do your research and find some wedding coordinators that seem to do a lot of business in the area. Send them a welcome letter announcing your new business in the area.  Include a $5 gift card to Starbucks and suggest that you meet so you can share your portfolio and what makes you special and unique to the photo business.


  1. School Fundraisers: All middle schools and high schools have fundraisers for their sports events. Get in on the action!  Support the local schools and get your name out there.


  1. Children’s activities (ballet, gymnastics): Put your cards and brochures at children’s ballet studios, gymnastics, art studios, etc.  Offer them a deal. Get in there, take some photos and let them post the photos on their walls with credit to you. Again, GREAT exposure.


  1. Ultrasound techs, OBGYNs, pediatricians:  I had to actually go in person to a lot of these. But go in with brochures, cards and samples of your work. Ask if you could hang a photo or two of a maternity or newborn shoot.


  1. Use social media! Tag all vendors: When you do post a wedding, tag ALL the vendors.  It gets you on their facebook page!


  1. Hair and Makeup Artists: Plan a stylized shoot. Get together with a hair salon and a makeup artist.  Find yourself some models (if you post on craigslist or Model Mayhem, you’ll find some in a heartbeat) and get shooting!  Then allow the Hair and Makeup Artists to use your photos crediting your studio


  1. Craigslist and Model Mayhem: When all else fails, go to the basics. It’s worth digging around and seeing who is looking for a photographer. I’m not big on posting myself on these types of places because you end up with people asking you to do a photoshoot for $30 but go see who is looking for headshots or something like that. It’s more exposure and really that’s what we’re aiming for.


  1. Senior rep program: I do love senior rep programs. I have another blog about my Senior Reps so feel free to read that, but this is another great way to break into the Senior market


  1. Blog blog blog: If you have quiet time, blog!  Put your name out. Do a before and after section.  And then post it EVERYWHERE on all social media you can think of (with the exception of myspace. I’m told that’s dead, right?)


  1. Use your past clients:  Before you leave your area, you probably have a photographer you like and are comfortable with. Ask to team up with them.  Offer an incentive to your past clients.  Tell them something along the lines of “If you refer a client to me in my new location, you’ll get 10% off your photoshoot with ______(the photographer in your old area)”.  The photographer gets more shoots as well. It’s  win-win!


  1. Photo meet-up groups: Get online and find a photo meet-up group. Meet other photographers. Don’t be scared to second shoot with someone. Work through referrals!


  1. Take photos of a venue: A lot of venues won’t put you on their preferred vendors list until you’ve shot a wedding there. Instead, go and take amazing photos of their venue and then ask if they’d like to use that photo….for a price and they must credit your studio.


  1. Take photos AT a venue:  Like I said, since the venue won’t put you on the list yet, schedule your stylized shoot at their venue. Then technically you have shot at their venue.  Add it to your portfolio so that when you go into that venue, you can say “oh but I have shot at your venue!”. (sneaky sneaky)


  1. Bridal Shows, craft shows, art shows, farmers markets: I cannot speak on this personally, but have been told these are great ways to get your name out as well. I have a bridal show coming up in October and will report in on how it works out!



Really what we’re aiming for is getting your name out there. Have it be the topic of conversation all over the place.  It gets people talking, whether they see your cards at the ultrasound facility or at a Cheerleading fundraiser, it helps!

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