Babies Babies Babies Babies

I had to say it four times because, yes, I am truly having four.  I’ve decided to post info on my blog instead of clogging up Facebook.

At 4 weeks we found out we are pregnant.  The sheer joy is something I simply can’t explain.  After waiting over 5 years, it was more than a dream come true. We were so used to disappointment that it seemed surreal.  About 3 years ago I found these adorable motorcycle pants and bought them for Chuck planning that this would be the way I’d tell him I am pregnant. Years later, I couldn’t wait to tell him in the adorable way I’d planned.  Instead I called him screaming and crying into the phone.

The pants are still precious though.  At 6 weeks we went for our first ultrasound and learned we would need to buy more pairs of pants.  After having 3 doctors and a nurse at our side, we were told that I am carrying quadruplets. Yes, four babies. I feel like one of those games you play at a baby shower. Guess how many M&Ms are in the jar – guess how many babies are in Pie’s uterus.

The doctors are concerned that 2 of them are monochorionic twins. First of all, the chances of being blessed with quadruplets are EXTREMELY rare.  On top of that, to have monochorionic twins is also rare.  My sister says I should play the lottery since I am beating all odds.  The doctors are concerned I won’t keep all four babies. It feels odd to pray for quadruplets, but while holding my hand, Chuck and I heard and saw four separate heartbeats.  We saw four separate little beings moving in there.  And we immediately fell in love with all four separate babies.

The look on Anna’s face when we told her was priceless. I wish we had videotaped it.  I showed her baby 1 and baby 2 on the ultrasound. Then started to talk again and she said “Oh jeez I thought you were gonna say there’s three. Mom, that’s a lot of babies”.  Chuck and I started laughing as I showed her baby 3 and then baby 4.  She stared at me for a good solid 60 seconds.  Fortunately she is now picking out clothes and what she wants to do with her siblings.

It’s been so hard to keep this secret. We’ve wanted to share our news for years. But we will wait until the 12 week marker.

4,5,6 weeks

Here’s the first of about a million photos of our babies.

six week 1six week 2six week 3six week 3dsix week 4

March 11, 2014

We had our second ultrasound yesterday. After panicking and worrying for two entire weeks, we saw and heard all four heart beats.  All four of our little miracles are still there and doing really well.  Babies 1 and 2 are the ones that are monochorionic.  Thankfully, they are not monoamniotic which would be even more risky.  The doctor was very patient and let me ask about a million questions. I’m supposed to fly to Atlanta to surprise my best friend for her birthday this weekend and much to my excitement, he said it was ok to fly.

The two babies that are monochorionic are sitting head to foot so the doctor called them yin and yang.  Baby 3 is being smushed between all of them. And baby 4 has what Chuck calls “the Penthouse suite”.  He/she has plenty of room to stretch out. We were even able to see him move. (I don’t know why I keep saying “he”).

They’re all measuring right on track and are all very strong.  The doctor walked us down to meet my new doctor who specializes in high risk pregnancies. He was very blunt but encouraging.  He will be my OB for the remainder of the pregnancy and then will deliver our babies.  I’m scheduled to see him again on March 27.  I will have ultrasounds every three weeks so there will be a lot of photos.

For now, here are some of the ultrasound photos from our 8 week old babes.


The Monochorionic Twins ^





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